Brampton International University

Brampton International University is an Internationaly renowned and profound online university accredited from globally recognized entities. Students at Brampton International University are given the advantage of learning at their own pace, making education flexible, accessible and interactive. We give you total control of your education; students get a chance to explore the rewarding educational world with the help of our renowned team of industry experts.

Our mission is “to make quality education accessible to everyone by recognizing each individual’s differences and turning them into their strengths, by providing self discipline, motivation and excellence in learning.”
We offer a number of degree programs with well structured curriculums that foster effective learning and focus ultimately on opening the doors to success and a bright career ahead. Our course content is designed to accommodate the diverse needs of global students. The University offers flexible, easy and affordable education with a wide range of student and alumni services through state of the art technology incorporated into its educational processes.

Career Advancement Opportunity

Brampton International University offers myriads of opportunities for development to those individuals who are eager to make the most of their skills under the guidance of Brampton’s staff of qualified and experienced teachers. Brampton offers excellent web based resources which can be accessed online to make sure that you gain an edge over your peers and colleagues as you study.

Brampton International University’s degree programs have provided a rich learning experience to working adults, offering Internationaly accredited degrees for the past many years. The primary objective of Brampton International University is to provide better career prospects to working professionals by increasing their knowledge base and imparting quality education.

With the help of top notch global faculty the University has managed to develop a motivating environment that revolves around self learning and self development.

Why Brampton?
Brampton International University is a great way to reach and achieve the goals of your life; we make a path for our students to achieve never-ending growth. Our experienced faculty is recognized for transferring experience and expertise to students in a way that they develop a habit of critical thinking.

Brampton International University is preferred globally because:

  • It offers degrees in a broad range of fields and disciplines.
  • Thousands of working adults have successfully received accredited degrees from the University.
  • The Institution's career counselors are available 24/7 to assist our students.
  • Brampton's alumni are employed at fortune 500 companies and performing exceptionally well in their respective fields.
  • It offers the most flexible payment methods.
  • It offers the most comprehensive curriculum designed to suit each individual's requirements.
  • Brampton's students get an opportunity to explore theoretical as well as practical side of knowledge through hands on experiences.
  • The Institution holds accreditation from the Organization for Online Learning Accreditation (OKOLA) and the International Online Education Accrediting Board (IOEAB)
  • It provides quality education at a fast pace. The degrees earned at Brampton International University are Internationaly recognized and valued by employers around the world.

If you are not sure which program is right for you, feel free to contact our student counselors available 24/7 for your service.