Our Accreditation

Brampton International University is fully accredited from eminent official accreditation bodies across the globe. All the degrees, diplomas and certification issued by the Brampton International University are accredited and fully recognized and can be verified at any time. The credits are also transferable to other accredited institutions.

Brampton International University has been awarded the status of accreditation by two major Internationaly recognized institutions which is the corroboration for its quality, systemic and synchronized educational processes that it follows. These accreditation bodies are:

  • International Online Education Accrediting Board (IOEAB) and
  • Organization for Online Learning Accreditation (OKOLA)

Brampton International University has received accreditation from these institutions on the basis of its standards, educational practices, research facilities and never ending process of determination for improvement and innovation in different fields of study.

International Online Education Accrediting Board (IOEAB)

IOEAB is one of the leading accreditation bodies for evaluating online universities and their practices. IOEAB is responsible for assuring that member institutions and their educational programs are capable of preparing the students for their chosen careers. The accrediting process also defines a particular criterion that the institutions have to follow and maintain to stay a prestigious affiliate.

For more information log on to: http://www.ioeab.org

Organization for Online Learning Accreditation (OKOLA)

(Organization for Online Learning Accreditation) is an Internationaly recognized, independent and private accrediting body. It works in pursuit of promoting and accrediting online universities that offer quality online education. OKOLA was created with the concept to promote and regularize the ongoing standards in the field of distance learning and it has been fairly successful in carrying out this mission. Presently, it offers the most progressive, latest and most refined accreditation program that represents and covers all areas of distance learning methods.

For more information log on to: http://www.okola.org

Our Membership

Brampton International University is associated with a renowned organization, United State Distance Learning Association. Our membership with USDLA demonstrates our commitment to supporting the cause of providing quality education globally.

About United State Distance Learning Association:

USDLA was founded in the year 1987 with a goal of creating a powerful association to meet the growing education and training needs of learning communities via online education systems.

It is an independent organization that helps online learning communities by providing advocacy, information, networking, research and training support. It enables organizations involved in distance learning, to maintain quality standards and up to date research and information related to different fields. USDLA assist its members with mobile learning, computer-based training (CBT), web-based training (WBT), instructor-led training (ILT), online training, online learning, blended learning, classroom training.

To view our membership certificate, please: click here


For Details, visit USDLA website: www.usdla.org