About School of Computer Science

Brampton School of Computer Science grants degree, diploma and certificate programs in seven categories as diverse as Telecommunications to Network Management. With the changing situation and requirements of the commercial world, Brampton keeps abreast of whatever is happening in the marketplace and keeps on updating its Computer Science Programs to meet the needs of the market.

An online degree in computer science is a golden opportunity for people who cannot take time out of their busy family and work schedules. Students who register in an on line degree in Computer Science will be capable of making their voice heard in global collaboration, and getting practical experience in a unique online classroom setting. Online university degree offered by Brampton School of Computer Science offers you the chance to keep a flexible schedule.

With the revolution in the worldwide industry of computers and technology, demand has increased considerably for design services and computer programming causing a shortage of good and credible computer science graduates who can perform. The Brampton School of Computer Science has numerous areas of learning for its online university degree programs with focus on the computation of precise results, while others are associated to properties of computational problems. The demand for the computer science graduate keeps on increasing with more and more IT firms coming up to create jobs.

At the time of admission, you are not required to choose a Major, but if you wish to make a selection, please let us know which program suits you the best.