Brampton Faculty

At Brampton International University, our mission is to impart quality education and has a team of qualified professionals to fulfill this mission. Our faculty is comprised of talented and experienced professionals from specialized fields. Students at Brampton International University are given the opportunity to interact with some of the most erudite professionals in the industry, and benefit from the knowledge these professionals' have.

Our faculty at Brampton International University is available for assistance 24/7 and is involved in the development of our degree programs as well as curriculum of each program. They also manage assessments of class work and assignments, and provide recommendation letters to facilitate job placements of our graduates.

Our faculty at Brampton International University can be divided into the following categories:

Permanent Faculty Members

An employee, who has been working with Brampton International University for 20 months, becomes a permanent faculty member. Brampton International University's faculty consists of more than 140 permanent faculty members, and includes teachers, professors, educationists and industry experts from around the world. They contribute to Brampton International University in a number of ways including:

  • Classroom Management
  • Education Management
  • Assessment of class work and assignments
  • Creating course content
  • Providing recommendation letters
  • Interacting & helping students through online communication

Part-Time Faculty Members

Brampton International University has some of the best teachers, professors, educationists, thought leaders and industry experts from around the globe as a part of its part-time faculty. Part Time Faculty helps students to gain knowledge from their experience through educating and informing them about latest trends and activities in the industry.