Brampton Financial Aid Program- Brampton Scholarship

All students who are passionate, meticulous and talented have an equal opportunity of education at Brampton International University beside their financial constraints. Brampton International University believes in providing quality education to everyone, anywhere in the world and to support this noble cause of Brampton International University, we have introduced a special scholarship program, which will give a chance to every individual enrolling with Brampton to be a part of this financial aid program. Students are encouraged to apply and excel in their domain of specialization so that no potential talent remains behind. This Scholarship program is provided to students after a thorough evaluation of their financial status and their past academic performance

Enroll today with $615 and be eligible for Brampton International University's Scholarship Program.

How Brampton's Scholarship Program works?

Brampton International University's Scholarship program is an educational present that is given to the deserving students. The tuition fee for the entire program gets directly paid through the University. We offer up to 80% of amount of the entire tuition fees in the form of scholarship; hence students can avail this offer and complete their entire degree program in less than $1000. Every year Brampton International University invests more than $100,000 in Brampton Scholarship program to give equal opportunity to all the students.